Cinema culture and archival practices

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Cinema culture and archival practices


  • Dagmar Brunow (LNU): Scandinavian cinema culture and archival practices: collecting, curating and accessing moving image histories. Introducing the special issue of the Journal of Scandinavian Cinema (2017), edited by DB and Ingrid Stigsdotter (SU)
  • Mariah Larsson (LNU): Documenting the Present, Processing the Past, Shaping Future Memory: The Face of AIDS Archive
  • Erik Florin Persson (GU): Useful cinema and the dynamic film history beyond the national archive – Locating municipally sponsored Swedish city films in local archives


  • Fika / Coffee break


  • Anne Bachmann (SU): The press cutting, film studies and the digital age
  • Pelle Snickars and Fredrik Norén (Umeå): Distant Reading the History of Swedish Film Politics—in 4,500 Governmental SOU Reports


  • Avslutning / Concluding remarks

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