Kick off, Concurrences in colonial and postcolonial studies

09:30–10:00 Coffee

10:00–12:00 Session 1.

• Presentations
• The program for 2017
• Centre-to-Centre agreement with The Centre for Trans-Himalayan Studies
• Communication (Ingeborg Ekman Giertz)
• The new Concurrences postdoc Amrita Ghosh arriving in June.
• The cluster for Nordic Colonialism
• The Huseby project and the new Huseby cluster
• Other news from members

12:00–13:00 Lunch:

13:00–14:45 Session 2

• What is Concurrences? A discussion about expectations and commitments with a focus on:

o Seminar attendance
o Conference attendance
o Publication
o Community work/outreach/impact

14:45–15:00 Coffee

15:00–17:00 Session 3

• What is Concurrences? A discussion about membership, guest researchers and how we measure excellence.

o The New Concurrences application in late spring
o Principles for invitations/acceptance of guest researchers (social commitments, connection to work being done)
o Indicators for successful research at the centre (how do we measure excellence?)

18:30–late Dinner at Teleborg Castle

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