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Research Lecture on Vocational Teacher Education: Vocational Teacher Education, Social Learning and the European Social Pillar

This research lecture, commissioned by the Vocational Teacher Education Board, comes at a critical time, as the European Commission is launching the new research programme Horizon 2020. The Gothenburg EU Social Summit on 17th November 2017 considered the new EU Social Pillar, which brings together initiatives on employment, work, skill, learning and regional development.

Seen in this light it is vital to further develop a sustainable teacher education. Reflecting on teachers' tacit knowledge and skills, and finding methods to strengthen these, is important.

This provides a challenging context for research in Skill and Technology at Linnaeus University, where we have been preparing for the next stage in building our research culture, with a New Research Environment, with international partners. Skill and Technology can play a central role, based on practical epistemology, reflection on experience, and regarding the workplace as a learning environment also for teachers.


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EU Social Pillar

European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN)

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