inauguration lecture

Inauguration lectures by new professors, Kalmar

Hearty welcome to this year's inauguration lectures in Kalmar on Tuesday 15 May and in Växjö on Wednesday 16 May, by the new professors that are to be inaugurated at the Academic Ceremony on Friday 18 May.

Program in Kalmar, Tuesday 15 May

The lectures with Swedish titles are presented in Swedish.
Mingle & snacks will follow each lecture.

Room N2007, Norrgård, Norra vägen 49

Marie Alricsson
Professor of sports science, with specialization in natural science
Fysisk aktivitet en förutsättning för god hälsa – en myt eller sanning?

Per Servais
Professor of business administration, with specialization in international business
Quick Steps? Big Steps? Tracing internationalization processes of Small and Medium sized Enterprises

Tomi Kallio
Professor of business administration, with specialization in organization and leadership
From Carl von Linné to Henry Mintzberg – the importance of taxonomies in organization studies

Marcelo Ketzer
Professor of environmental sciences
Sustainability challenges in a world dependent of fossil fuels

Cornelius Holtorf
Professor of archeology and UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures
Varför behöver UNESCO en framtidsarkeolog?

Anders Halling
Professor of general medicine
Kronisk sjukdom och multisjuklighet – utmaningar för primärvården idag och imorgon


Program in Växjö, Wednesday 16 May.

Room N2007, Norrgård, Norra vägen 49, Kalmar Anders Runesson Add to your calendar