Lunch seminar

Lunch seminar: An international knowledge exchange on syllabus development with course evaluations.

Jo-Anne Kelder, teacher and researcher from University of Tasmania, leads an inspirational seminar about syllabus development based on course evaluations.

There will be two seminars: one in Kalmar on October 17 at 12–13 and one in Växjö on October 18 at 12–13. Kelder will talk about the experience she has gained from developing the module "Curriculum Evaluation Research (CER)" at her and other higher education institutions. Kelder also hopes that she will be able to take part of similar experiences from our activities here at Linnaeus University. The seminars are part of the more extensive work with quality assurance and the pilot project "Course evaluations and quality development" carried out by the quality assurance council and the council for education and learning.

We hope that the exchange of experiences will inspire to meaningful work with course evaluations for quality development. Everyone who is interested is welcome! Feel free to contact Brita Cederblad, chairman of the quality assurance council, if you would like to know more: brita.johansson-cederblad@lnu.se

A light lunch will be served, register here on October 11 at the latest. The seminar is held in Nisbethska E312 in Kalmar and in H1311 in Växjö. It will also be possible to talk to Kelder after the seminar.



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