Zeynep Yücel

Tech Talk about social interaction robots

WiTech, the network for women studying och workning with IT, invites you to our third Tech Talk of the year and the first this autumn. This time Zeynep Yücel, assistant professor at Okayama University in Japan, gives a talk about her work (joint attention modeling, head pose and gaze direction estimation, and motion tracking) and her experience as a woman in the technology bracnch. The seminar will be given in English.


Please register no later than Wednesday 15 August using this form. We look forward to see you here! Don't hesitate to contact the WiTech team through witechitnetwork@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Design of social interaction robots is a very challenging research problem, which is very far from being solved considering the current state of artificial intelligence systems. In this talk, we will limit ourselves to two particular cases. One case relates a plain interaction scenario between a robot and a human particularly from a joint attention point of view. Another case relates a more complex scenario where the robot is employed in a public space. In this kind of setting, the robot is required to act in a socially acceptable way both while moving alone and as part of a pedestrian group. To this end, we will discuss the development of group motion models and recognition algorithms.

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