Gunilla Bradley at TedX at Lnu in 2014

Tech Talk with the female IT network WiTech

WiTech, the network for women in IT, would like to invite you to our second Tech Talk of the year with Linnaeus University and Anita Mirijamdotter as a host. This time we have the honor to present Gunilla Bradley who has over 40 years of experience of cross disciplinary research on computerization and social/societal changes. Gunilla Bradley has recently published a new book, The Good ICT Society: From Theory to Actions, and her presentation will be based on that book. The seminar will be given in English.

Preliminary agenda

11.30-12.00 Registration and soup lunch, entrance hall to building B+D, Växjö

12.00-13.00, room D1136, building D

  • Welcome and practical information from Linnaeus University and WiTech
  • A short presentation of the research centre Gunilla Bradley Centre for Digital Business at Linnaeus University
  • Talk by Gunilla Bradley: The Good ICT Society, including time for questions
  • News updates on ongoing work and upcoming activities within WiTech


Please register no later than Sunday April 29th using this form. Looking forward to see you here!

Don't hesitate to contact the WiTech team through if you have any questions.

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