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Workshop on: Stronger collaborations between energy and power grid players and researchers at Linnaeus University

The basis of this workshop is that several of our researchers at Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA) have shown an interest to build a stronger collaboration with energy, electricity and power grid players for future research. We see this as a first opportunity to invite you to us, to present some of our research interests and discuss potential cooperation. The next step could be a similar workshop where you get to present your ideas and interest for collaboration.

The interest from the researchers varies, from investigating scheduling and cybersecurity issues in power distribution networks to smart building and smart home energy systems. Our researchers have expertise in designing high performance scheduling techniques for smart building and home energy systems targeting electricity bill reduction and balanced energy usage, as well as designing advanced big data analytics techniques in handling smart meters (and other devices) in terms of meter replacement, online meter accuracy monitoring, anomaly behavior analysis, and fault prediction. We also have researchers interested in sustainability issues: saving energy, transition to renewable sources, etc. Some researchers have their focus on you as providers, while others are more focused on your customers and their behaviors.

The workshop will be held in English.

Preliminary agenda

09.00–09.15 Presentation round and background to the workshop

09.15–09.55 Presentation of the researchers' interest areas – including a few minutes for questions

  • Welf Löwe, Professor of Computer Science, and Mauro Caporuscio, Senior Lecturer of Computer Science
  • Shiyan Hu, Professor of Computer Science

09.55–10.10 Coffee break

10.10–10.50 Presentation of the researchers' interest areas – including a few minutes for questions

  • Giangiacomo Bravo, Professor of Sociology
  • Andreas Kerren, Professor of Computer Science

10.50–12.00 Joint discussions with the companies about possible cooperation

We hope that you would like to join and ask you to contact Diana Unander Nordle at to confirm you participation.

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