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at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi

The project "Huseby i världen" organises a workshop jointly with the Centre for Historical Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, on 11-12 December. This is the very last in a long series of events organised by this Kamprad Family Foundation funded project. The co-organisers are Profs. Janaki Nair and Gunnel Cederlöf.

Four of the postdocs who have worked in the Joseph Stephens and other archives since 2015 will present their research together with scholars from the Delhi based universities. Radhika Krishnan speaks on ‘Bureaucracy and Ideologies of Control in British India: Locating Social and Professional Networks within the “Contract System” in Railway Building’, Eleonor Marcussen on 'In the Shadow of Empires: Private Entrepreneurs and the Circulation of Knowledge and Capital in the Making of Scandinavian Colonialism, c. 1860-1880', Arun Kumar on ‘The Life of Contract Capitalism and the Building of the Colonial Railway’, and Dhiraj Kumar Nite on ‘Labour Practices, Wages and Wellbeing: The Construction Workers in an Indian Region (Mahrashtra) in the 1860s’. (The postdocs have been funded by Concurrences and Kamprad.)

These papers are part of a forthcoming volume in which also Malin Lennartsson and Erik Wångmar will contribute chapters.