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How to succeed with your studies

Good study habits are essential for academic success. Our lectures provide guidance in planning your studies, effective reading strategies, academic writing and stress management.

The lectures are geared towards new students but all students at Linnaeus University are welcome to attend.

The lecture series is in association with the Student Welfare Office and the Academic Support Centre. 

Information about the lectures

Oral Presentations

24/9, kl.15.15, Kalmar, Skiffer

18/9, kl.15.15, Växjö, Weber

Academic Culture

25/9, kl.12.15, Kalmar, Marmor

19/9, kl.12.15, Växjö, Weber

Study Skills

26/9, kl.15.15, Kalmar, Skiffer

24/9, kl.15.15, Växjö, Weber

Academic Writing

26/9, kl.16.30, Kalmar, Skiffer

24/9, kl.16.30, Växjö, Weber

Stress Management

17/9, kl.16.30, Kalmar, Marmor

18/9, kl.16.30, Växjö, Weber

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