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Inspirational day

IoT tech day

Who said that Internet of Things has to be difficult? Linnaeus University and Kalmar Energi invites you to an inspirational day with the theme IoT.

During the inspirational day, we will showcase various uses and give ideas for new business opportunities using Internet of Things. This is interesting not least because it is now possible to use an open IoT network in Kalmar to freely test and develop.

And who has said that IoT has to be difficult? The technology is now so simple and, most importantly, cheap that all that is required is a little time and interest in turning ideas into reality.

The inspirational day will also be broadcast live on the Internet. The link will be announced later. The presentations will be held in both Swedish and English.


We regret to inform you that the IoT tech day is fully booked. However, the entire event will be streamed and you can follow it through this link:


In addition to the inspiration day, our venture in IoT will also feature two subsequent workshops/hackathons, arranged by Linnaeus University and Kalmar Energi. During these workshops, the participants will be able to practically build things together with assistance from Linnaeus University, from idea to application.

The workshops can build on each other to get a deeper understanding, but it is also possible to only attend one of them. Participation is free of charge and a starter kit with IoT sensors is included for everyone who registers (as long as the stock lasts).

The registration for the workshops will be opened in connection with the inspirational day.


The inspirational day and the workshops are funded by Linnaeus University, Kalmar Municipality, Kalmar Energi and Kalmar Science Park through project funding with support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the European Regional Development Fund.

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