Linnaeus Physics Colloquium: The highest energy photons from the Universe

Welcome to Linnaeus Physics Colloquium, a series of seminars delivered by renowned researchers in physics.

Lecturer: Stefano Vercellone, Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Italy

Title: The highest energy photons from the Universe

Coffee and buns in Växjö from 9.45 am.


The few high-energy photons which reach the Earth travel almost unaffected through the entire Universe, allowing astrophysicists to investigate the intimate knowledge they harbour on a large number of different classes of celestial sources. High-energy astrophysics spans several decades in energy, from a few tens of Mega-electrovolt, up to hundreds of Tera-electronvolt. Such a wide energy range covers bands both accessible from ground-based telescopes and those which require space-based observatories.

I will briefly describe the current main observing facilities, review their major scientific discoveries with a focus on the interplay between the different observing techniques, and provide some hints about the future development of such a fascinating science window on the most energetic phenomena of our Universe.