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Workshop: The magical writing machine

In our workshop "The magical writing machine" we use our writing ability to create and research new opportunities. Based on Professor Balthazar's world, participants solve problems using their imagination and through writing. This writing workshop is not limited by language, we write with materials such as thread and scissors. We also write in any language. Through performative and automatic writing and drawing exercises, we become the writing machine.

The magical writing machine is a playful writing workshop for everyone who wants to challenge their writing ability. The workshop will be held 27/3 in the exhibition room on the 2nd floor and runs from 17.30 to 19.30. The writing workshop will be led by Cassandra Troyan and Zeenath Hasan who also led our previous writing workshop. It is best to sign up at to assure yourself of a place in the workshop.

Participation costs SEK 50. However, students have free entrace on Wednesdays, including this Wednesday evening. Fika is included.

About Zeenath and Cassandra:
Zeenath Hasan writes text with food as material for her configurations of what the eater, cook and grower can be around the entangled dining table. She has been called an ethnographer, fixer, designer, teacher and mom, in that order. Contact:

Cassandra Troyan is a writer, teacher, and artist whose work makes interventions in the spheres of theory, politics, and culture across the genres of speculative fiction, horror, fantasy, memoir, and historical re-enactment. They are the author of several books and chapbooks of poetry, most recently A Theory in Tears (ANNOTATIONS & CASES FOR FREEDOM & PROSTITUTION) (Kenning Editions 2016), and have presented, performed, or screened their work widely.

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