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Numerical modelling of radiative and accelerative processes

Welcome to a seminar arranged by Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications.

Lecturer: Andrea Tramacere, Common Data Centre Infrastructure, Department of Astronomy, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Title: Numerical modelling of radiative and accelerative processes acting in relativistic jets with the JetSeT framework


In this seminar I will review the theory and the phenomenology of the acceleration and radiative processes acting in the relativistic jets of blazars, with a focus on the numerical modelling of the SSC/EC scenario using the JetSeT framework. In particular will discuss the following arguments:

  1. handling observed data (rebinning, definition of data sets)
  2. definition of complex radiative scenarion SSC/EC IC against CMB
  3. Constraining of the model in the pre-fitting stage, based on accurate  and already published phenomenological trends
  4. Fitting of multiwavelength SEDs using both frequentist approach (iminuit) and MCMC sampling (emcee)
  5. Reproduction of the temporal evolution of the plasma under the effect of radiative and accelerative processes, both first order and second order (stochastic acceleration) processes.

The documentation of JetSeT is hosted here.

About the lecturer

I am scientist and data scientist, at the Astronomy department of the University of Geneva. I am a member of the EUCLID consortium and a former member (2002-2012) of the Fermi-LAT team (ISOC@SLAC).

My main research topics are:

  1. high energy astrophysics (acceleration and emission processes in relativistic jets)
  2. scientific coding (Python/C) and  developer of online data analysis tools (dispatcher/api/data processing)
  3. application of clustering methods and machine learning algorithms to astrophysical problems:
    - photometric redshift
    - deblending and detection of confused sources in the optical and gamma-ray spectral window