IMS Aurora seminar

Admeire Santos - Brazilian Animation Film: Cultural warrant and the indexing method

Welcome to the weekly IMS seminar!

This week Admeire Santos Sundström, visiting PhD student from São Paulo State University, will present the research project: Brazilian Animation Film: Cultural warrant and the indexing method.

The Animation film is audiovisual, and it is created by integrating the artificial images and sound, besides that, the images can be constructed by countless different techniques. Within an information unit, animation is understood as a document, as it supports information and carries other aspects relevant to society. And when it is understood as such, animation needs techniques for reading, analyzing, and synthesizing the information contained in that media. After an extensive bibliographic research, I realized that there are no rules or standards for the identification of the thematic of audiovisual in general, thus, many researchers have been creating several methods for supplying this need. Consequently, there are several techniques for indexing the audiovisual, but almost none of them include the importance of cultural aspects in their method. In addition, the approaches that I found are designed with specific types in mind: such as television collections, fiction films, and documentaries, and so on. In my research, I take back all of these recovered methods, and I try to reflect within the particular characteristics of the animation, in addition, I propose the use of Cultural Warrant to emphasize that cultural diversity must be ensured within the development of new methodologies.

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Photo: 'Aurora - Connecting Senses’, Cristina Pop-Tiron & Signe Kjær Jensen

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