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DELTA Conference

DELTA Conference 25-26 March, 2020 is the section for higher education development's internal conference on online education.

We would like to practice what we preach and are now arranging an internal conference focusing on practical experience of net-based learning: good and bad.

Meet colleagues to discuss our practice in online learning.

  • presentations
  • group discussions
  • summaries

The conference consists of:

  • Introduction by Daniel Alvunger, Prodean for the Board of Teacher Education, and Linda Reneland-Forsman, Head of section for higher education development, about Lnu's digital strategy and focus on developing online teaching and learning (in Swedish).
  • Student generated content. Satish Patel, Umeå universitet (in English)
  • Several seminars featuring short presentations of good practice from all faculties followed by group discussions, both on-site and online via Zoom:
    - Competences
    - Experience
    - Innovative solutions
    - Tricky problems

The main language is Swedish but some presentations will be in English and you are free to use English in all group discussions. 

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