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Gammapy, an open-source software package to model and fit high-energy data

Welcome to a seminar within the subjects of astroparticle physics and computer science.

Title: Gammapy, an open-source software package to model and fit high-energy data
Lecturer: Dr Bruno Khélifi, Astroparticule et Cosmologie Laboratory, Paris, France

Coffee and buns will be served.


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At 1-4 pm in the afternoon, there will be a hands-on session when you can try Gammapy in practice.


After decades of instrumental improvements, the physics and astrophysics communities have seen the emergence of multi messenger astronomy. To exchange data and to be able to extract the underlying physical processes from broad band and multi-messenger analyses, the diverse community needs common and open formats as well as common and open analysis tools. Gammapy is a python package open to the community which we have been developing with MPI-K for VHE gamma-ray data reduction and fitting to be the Science Tools of CTA. It already allows to perform complex analyses of multiple instruments both spatial and ground-based in an open and reproducible manner.

In this seminar, the software package gammapy will be presented, its design, capabilities and status. Examples of modelling and fitting of high-energy data (e.g. Fermi, HESS, CTA) will be introduced, as well as the prospects to extend this package capabilities for modelling and fitting HE neutrino and X-ray data in order to offer the possibility of joint multi-messenger data analysis.