Letícia Vitral: Final seminar

Welcome to the weekly IMS seminar!

This week we have the final seminar for PhD student Letícia Vitral, where she together with invited opponent Alin Olteanu will go through her provisional thesis draft.

Quoted from Letícia’s introduction, her thesis is concerned with:

The research question that drives the present thesis is based on matters of how artistic artifacts modifies our perceptions of their meaning-making process as a whole, allowing us to redesign and redefine our general behavior, our expectations and our engagement with such artifacts and their habits and environments. In other words, it is concerned with the mechanisms that allow artworks, by behaving as models, allow agents to derive knowledge. It is also an attempt to present Semiotics as a possible meta-theory, through which scholars from different backgrounds that approach what is called here as “modelling process” would be able to conceptualize the processes on a similar theoretical basis and communicate among themselves about such processes. Further, it would also provide a starting point for discussions regarding the crossroads between the bigger fields of Aesthetics and Epistemology.  

The seminar will be held virtually via zoom on Wednesday at 10.15 – 12.00 (CEST). Contact us at, if you want to participate and need the room number

Welcome to the seminar!


Photo: 'Aurora - Connecting Senses’, Cristina Pop-Tiron & Signe Kjær Jensen

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