Career day technology

Come meet the industry within TECH and IT when they come to campus Växjö! 

We are planning for a few classroom lectures in combination with a digital solution.

The preliminary hours are 9.30 am - 3 pm, completely digital after lunch (1 pm-3 pm). 

Signing up
Companies can sign up already (please go to the Swedish version of this page to find the sign up form. Students - there will be another signup link for published you later on!

We work with progression of student-company contacts during the educations. Year one students need to start, and year two need to continue, to build relationships and form personal networks to find companies for case studies etc included in courses within the educations.  Year one and two students might look for summer jobs or part time jobs as "student coworkers". During last semester the common practice is that the students are doing degree projects, many of them in dialogue with a company or an organisation. The Career Day is the perfect day to look for contacts - if you didn't already find them through contacts from previous years. 

Generallyu the students are curious about the future job market and career opportunities, and need to understand more about work life.

Don't hesitate to get in touch: Jan NovakHelena Belfrage or email samverkan.ftk@lnu.se


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