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Linnaeus University International Staff Training Week 2020 - Now VIRTUAL

Theme: "Competencies, skills and tools for intercultural higher educational environments"

Given the evolving situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), a pared down schedule of the Linnaeus University International Staff Training Week originally scheduled to be held in Växjö/Kalmar, took place on a virtual format over Zoom during May 11th-13th, 2020. 

The workshops/seminars/presentations offered both faculty and staff opportunities to learn and share about competencies, skills and tools required for working in intercultural environments within higher education, and this year with a focus on digitalisation. Staff training and professional development took place through various workshops with both international participants as well as staff and faculty from Linnaeus University. In spite of the disappointment of not having the physical event take place, the learning 

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Some voices from 2020 virtual staff training week:

- It was inspiring, enlightening, and strengthening me as a faculty member.

- I have learned the positive sides of the virtual learning comparing to face-to-face learning - I'm inspired to search about blended activities.

- The only disadvantage was not to be interacting face to face

Some voices from 2019 years staff training week:

- It was interactive. Talking was the center and communication with participants - it was not a conference type where you sit, listen and go home. 

- I really appreciated the work, activities as well as the wide variety of nationalities and the presence of your colleageus from Kalmar and Växjö.

- I found all the input from workshops and presentations interesting and helpful. There was a variety of approaches, possibility of meeting our counterparts and learning about other Universities' approaches to IaH issues.

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