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Nordic ISAAC Workshop in Analysis and Mathematical Physics 2020

During the period 18—19 August 2020, it is planned that the online workshop ”Nordic ISAAC Workshop in Analysis and Mathematical Physics 2020” will take place with centre at the Linnæus University.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): Complex Analysis, Function Space theory, Harmonic Analysis, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Physics, Micro-Local Analysis, Time-Frequency Analysis

A short discussion is also planned on possibilities with ISAAC, e.g. on establishing Special Interest Groups within the organisation.


Joachim Toft, Linnæus University, Sweden
Patrik Wahlberg, Linnæus University, Sweden


Yacin Ameur, Lund University, Sweden

Håkan Hedenmalm, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Tuomas Hytönen, Helsinki University, Finland

Peter Hästö, Oulo University, Finland

Jon Johnsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Franz Luef, Trondheim University, Norway

Sandra Pott, Lund University, Sweden

Jari Taskinen, Helsinki University, Finland

Joachim Toft, Linnæus University, Sweden

Ville Turunen, Aalto University, Finland

Patrik Wahlberg, Linnæus University, Sweden

Erik Wahlén, Lund University, Sweden

Jens Wittsten, Borås University, Sweden


Workshop schedule and abstracts. 

 Workshop Zoom link.

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