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Public defense in Environmental Science: Mikael Tillberg

Title: Constraining the timing of veins, faults and fractures in crystalline rocks by in situ Rb-Sr geochronology
Research discipline: Environmental Science
Faculty: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Date: Friday the 27th of November, 09.00 am
Location: Via Zoom (see more information below)
Opponent: Doc. Bjarne Almqvist, Uppsala University 
Prof. Jonas Waldenström, Linnaeus University
Examining committee:
Prof. Johan Parnell, University of Aberdeen, UK
Doc. Tonguc Uysal, Ankara University, Turkey
Doc. Karin Högdahl, Uppsala University 
Supervisor: Henrik Drake, Linnaeus University

The thesis will be made public on Friday the 6th of November, 09.00 am at the University library in Kalmar and 09.30 am in the Showroom in building Vita, Kalmar. 

The thesis defense will be held via Zoom due to Covid-19. In order to receive the Zoom-link for the thesis defence, please contact Faculty Administrator Pontus Bergström: pontus.bergstrom@lnu.se

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