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The Complexity of Crime

Welcome to seminars arranged by the Centre for Police Research and Development at the Department of Police Work, Linnaeus University

During the day, top researchers will present and focus on crime from technical as well as population aspects.

The program 10th March is as follows:

10.30-11.30   Cyber Crime
Lecturer: Ali Padyab (PhD, Luleå University of Technology), a senior lecturer of Information Security at Högskolan i Skövde. His research interests include information security & privacy, social media, Internet of Things, security risks and living labs.

11.30-12.00  Discussion and reflection

13.00-13.45  Context matters - the importance om living conditions on older people's health
Lecturers: Nawi Ng, MD, MPH, PhD. Professor of Global Health at the University of Gothenburg. Prof Ng is a physician and epidemiologist with research interests on wellbeing and disability among older population, chronic risk factor epidemiology and implementation research in low- and middle-income countries, as well as on integration of technology to promote behaviour change for chronic disease prevention.
Malin Eriksson, PhD in public health, Professor of social work. Her research concerns social inequalities in health and life chances and the importance of social networks, social capital and the living environment for health, well-being and access to opportunities and resources. Currently, she is leading a project on how social capital can be used as a resource in the planning and design of socially sustainable and health-promoting neighbourhoods, and another project that deals with conditions for community policing in particularly vulnerable areas. Over the years, she has had a number of international research collaborations with researchers in Tanzania, Ukraine, Indonesia, Vietnam and most recently in Myanmar.

13.45-14.15   Older prisoners: a crime policy dilemma
Lecturer: Peter Lindström, is an associate professor in criminology at the Department of Police Work. He is currently involved in a project on a local crime and safety survey in Stockholm and is the research coordinator for a large-scale police initiative on violence against women. He is working part-time at the Police Region Stockholm.

14.15-14.30   Discussion and reflection

Moderator: Professor Mehdi Ghazinour, Head of the Centre for Police Research and Development

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