screen image from ELAN

Video annotation using ELAN, part 1

Welcome to learn more about ELAN, a transcription tool for audio and video data.

This workshop addresses anyone interested in learning to annotate audio or video material using the transcription tool ELAN. The workshop is arranged by Linnaeus University Language Processing Lab (LiLa Lab). It consists of two parts: Tuesday 10 Nov at 08.15 am–12.00 noon and Friday 13 Nov at 8.15 am–12.00 noon.

The workshop takes place in the LiLa Lab. The number of participants is limited. It is, however, possible to follow parts of the workshop via Zoom. Registration is required, whether you want to participate in the lab or via Zoom.


For more information and to register your interest, send an e-mail to

LiLa Lab, Växjö, or via Zoom Gilbert Ambrazaitis Add to your calendar