Beyond Wikipedia: cultural heritage and LOD on the Wikimedia platforms

Seminar with Alicia Fagerving, developer at the non-profit organization Wikimedia Sverige.

Abstract: Over the last 20 years, the Wikimedia platforms have evolved from an encyclopedia in English to a multilingual ecosystem of open knowledge, consisting of millions of articles, images and data items. What has remained unchanged is that the content is available for free, and that anyone can contribute.

In this lecture, Alicia Fagerving (they/them), a developer at the non-profit organization Wikimedia Sverige, will outline how cultural heritage institutions, researchers and volunteers all work together to represent the world's cultural heritage on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. The development of Wikidata has made it possible to utilize the power of Linked Open Data to make connections that have not been made before while inspiring the users to take the step from consuming content to contributing to it actively.

We will be taking a look at institutions around the world that have welcomed the Wikimedia platforms as a first-class citizen in their LOD work, as well as at applications and projects by volunteer developers and editors that showcase their possibilities. All with an eye on what the future holds and what you too could do.

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