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Digital career fair

Don´t miss out on the virtual career fair of the year! Have you not yet found a job after you graduate, or are you curious about what the labor market offers right now? Register for this year's virtual career fair on May 5-6th. During the event.

You will get the opportunity to meet and interact with around 200 Swedish and international companies through live chat or video meetings, as well as participate in interesting and exciting lectures, webinars, and panel discussions with live Q/A.

So do not miss the chance to meet a potential future employer or improve your skills further! The fair is completely digital and of course free to register for.

In addition to participating in digital fairs, you can also use the platform to find part-time jobs and summer jobs, as well as get in touch with organizations regarding any future internship or degree project.

See you on May 5th!

For more information and registration:

- Graduateland Jonas Thordeman Andersson Add to your calendar