Ferdinand Magellan and the Battle of Mactan: Historical Narratives and Discursive Constructions

The  Battle of Mactan, the first bloody encounter between the Spaniards and the natives of what became the Philippines, has been regarded  a significant episode not only in the history of Filipinos but also of the 16th century rival European powers, Spain and Portugal.  Highlighted by the death of Ferdinand Magellan, the Battle of Mactan involved major ideological issues arising out of the problematic circumstance of the appointed  leader of the Spanish expedition who was a  Portuguese renegade.

From a variety of sources drawn from the Spanish and Portuguese archives, this lecture examines how these historical narratives of the event were subsequently transformed into discursive battlegrounds of respective nationalities. Dr. Danilo M. Gerona, Partido State University, is a Filipino historian specializing on the early Spanish colonial history in the Philippines. Dr. Gerona spent long years of research in various archives in the Philippines and Europe and wrote numerous books and articles on various aspects of Philippine national and local histories.


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