Program for the panel discussion

Invitation to the panel discussion: The PhD Supervisor? ─ Coach ─ Mentor ─ Leader for Tomorrows World?

Traditionally the PhD was an apprenticeship for a single career – the academic. This still tends to be a dominant model. Growth in the number of PhD candidates, older candidates working full time, the wider needs of society for high-level skills in all occupations prompt the question – are PhDs fit for purpose? What high level competences should society expect from doctoral graduates?

Wider doctoral personal development and skills training needs are a challenge for supervisors. The panel will explore these ‘leadership’ challenges from different perspectives such as practitioner, pracademic, supervisor, doctoral graduate, PhD candidate.

Participants will contribute to the discussion.

The panel will explore leadership challenges for PhD supervisors that are related with wider doctoral personal development needs. The panel includes different perspectives such as a supervisor, a practitioner, a pracademic, a doctoral graduate and a PhD candidate.  

Invited speakers in the panel:

Robert Kitt, experienced executive & a pracademic (Estonia)
Jan Tollet, experienced public healthcare executive (Finland)
Piret Ehin, Associate Professor of Comparative Politics (Estonia)
Andrzej Kraslawski, Professor of Systems Engineering (Finland)
Katarina Ellborg, Recent PhD graduate (Sweden)
Alexander Myers, Fresh PhD candidate & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder; a pracademic (Finland)


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We are looking forward to a wide range of participants who all are welcome to contribute to the discussion.

The event is arranged within the framework of the Erasmus+ project “International Entrepreneurship Network for PhD and PhD Supervisor Training” (IETN), which is implemented in cooperation with Aalborg University, University of Tartu, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Linnaeus University and Siegen University.

With kind regards on behalf of the Tartu IETN Team

Eneli Kindsiko
Katrin Tamm
University of Tartu
School of Economics and Business Administration

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