Baltic Sea Region/EmergingMarkets China Day2021 Kalmar

During the Linnaeus University (LNU) conference, we look at the short-term and the long-term outlook, opportunities and challenges for Russia, China, India, other emerging countries, the United States, and the Baltic countries -but also for the global community and emerging markets as a whole. This includes the impact of international developments on monetary policy, trade, growth but also changes in the society and institutions, behavior, habits and traditions, and the impact of all this on corporate strategies -considering also post-corona conditions and the global environment.

12.45-12.55 Welcome by the School of Business and Economics at LNU, Per Servais, professor and head of the Global Mind Research Platform.

13.00-13.40 Nerijus Maciulis, Chief Economist, Swedbank Lithuania, on the outlook for the Baltic countries and Russia.

13.45-14.00 Hubert Fromlet, affiliate professor at LNU, on the economic outlook and future challenges for China and India.

14.05-14.35 Lena Sellgren, Chief Economist, Business Sweden, on developments in world trade and emerging markets.

14.35-14.50 Intermission

14.55-15.25 Adolfo Laurenti, Principal European Economist, Visa London, on economic policy under the Biden administration and the future role of the United States in the global economy.

15.30 -16.05 Henry Ohlsson, professor and Vice Governor of the Sveriges Riksbank on the impact of international developments on monetary policy.

16.05 -16.30 Discussion (Q&A), with students and speakers .

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