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"Intermedial Studies" - book release!

Welcome to the release of a new textbook in intermediality, edited by Jørgen Bruhn and Beate Schirrmacher.
Note that the release is being held in the evening, not in the morning as first advertised.
The first 15 minutes of the release will be streamed via zoom.

This week, we celebrate the release of the new book, Intermedial Studies: An Introduction to Meaning Across Media - available as open access here:

Intermedial Studies provides a concise, hands-on introduction to the analysis of a broad array of texts from a variety of media – including literature, film, music, performance, news and videogames, addressing fiction and non-fiction, mass media and social media.

The detailed introduction offers a short history of the field and outlines the main theoretical approaches to the field. Part one explains the approach, examining and exemplifying the dimensions that construct every media product. The following sections offer practical examples and case studies using many examples, which will be familiar to students, from Sherlock Holmes and football, to news, vlogs and videogames.

This book is the only textbook that takes both a theoretical and practical approach to intermedial studies. The book will be of use to students from a variety of disciplines looking at any form of adaptation, from comparative literature to film adaptations, fan fictions and spoken performances. The book equips students with the language and understanding to confidently and competently apply their own intermedial analysis to any text.

Jørgen Bruhn is Professor of Comparative Literature at Linnæus University, Sweden. He has published on comparative literature, intermedial studies and intermedial aspects of ecocriticism.

Beate Schirrmacher is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Linnæus University, Sweden. She has published on the intermedial relation of literature and music. Her current research explores the truth claims of media.

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