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Let's meet! Digital meeting point

Join us at the Student Welfare Office's digital meeting point, last Thursday every month.
We miss you! So now we have arranged this meeting point, where we can meet and where you can meet each other. No strings attached! You attend on your own terms, with or without camera. Listen or take part. Argue or agree. Visit for a while or stay, whatever suits you.

To talk about stuff that makes us tick. Gives energy or bothers us. We will have a theme every meeting, to gather around, to start in. Then let's see where we end up! We decide the themes at the moment but we are grateful for every suggestion from you! Write to us!

February 25, 8.30 – 9.30
WHEN, HOW do we feel alone? What can we do to feel motivation, meaning and connection when both every day and festive reasons to meet disappear and we are too much at the mercy of ourselves? What do you do?

You tell us that you lack motivation and feel alone studying on Zoom and we recognize that. Because we human beings need others, each other. To meet creates meaning and connection that gives energy to life, to our tasks. Today we talk about feeling alone, loneliness from different aspects. Come and tell!

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