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Webinar: IMS - Media Impact series

"You didn't see that coming!" How to tackle breaks of expectation with poetry

Welcome to the first talk in our new Media Impact series!

Poetry experiments teach us to not take stable meanings for granted and to work in alliance with breaks of expectation. In this first talk of our Media Impact series, Pedro Atã will talk about how poetry can teach you to deal with the unexpected, and what possibilities this can have for our everyday lives.

Pedro Atã holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Linnaeus University. He researches surprise and creativity between media and is especially interested in experimental and improvisational procedures in arts and literature.

We have more media than ever to choose from. But do you know how they affect what you want to express or the story that you follow? Media matters! Media shapes what is communicated. Therefore, we need to learn more about how media work.

Media Impact is a series of talks that give you the chance to take part in current research on how media choices affect communication, knowledge and meaning in art, popular culture, and mass media.

Learn more about the importance of being surprised, how knowledge is conveyed through computer games, what we do when we sing, how novels, films or poetry communicate the climate crisis, how music affects journalism, and what violence and classical music have in common.

All talks will be ca. 15 minutes long and streamed live online, with the chance to ask questions. The talks are free to attend, but you will need to register on the event page of the talk you want to join. The talks will also be video recorded and available to watch afterwards.

The talks are intended for everyone with an interest in media, culture and communication.

Media Impact is organised by Linnaeus University's Center for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies (IMS), which is an interdisciplinary research environment, exploring relationships and interactions between media.