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Systems thinking stream at the operational research society online conference (OR63)

Information about the event:

Many Operational Research (OR) and Systems practitioners share a common interest in systemic intervention to address highly complex organizational, social and environmental problems. The Systems Thinking stream at the OR63 conference, which Linnaeus University is co-organizing with colleagues from Hull University, provides a fantastic opportunity to bring people from the OR and Systems communities together to learn from one another, so both can be enriched.

We welcome the widest possible diversity of practitioners and academics, whichever tradition of systems thinking or systemic OR you come from. In the last few years, the Systems Thinking stream has had over sixty participants (acknowledged as the largest streams in the history of OR Society conferences). We are now mainstream in OR, and this is reflected in the 2021 choice of plenary speakers, with Ariella Helfgott presenting about 'Systems Thinking for System Change'. Now the conference has moved online, so people don't have to travel to participate, let's make the stream even bigger and better - please join in, share your experiences of systems thinking with us, and learn from the wide variety of other systems practitioners who will be participating.

If you want to give a talk, THE DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS IS 25 JUNE 2021, so very soon. Please don't miss it! Also, don't forget to select "Systems Thinking" as your choice of stream. In addition to speaking slots, there are opportunities to run experiential workshops, which can be an hour long.

If you want to run a workshop, please choose the "Impact" stream, and make it clear in your abstract that you want it to be a joint session with the Systems Thinking stream.

All the information you need to know about deadlines, price of admission, contact information for the organizers, etc., is in the link below.

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