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Public defence in ecology: Hanna Berggren

Titel: Consequences of environmental variation for fish and their skin associated microbial communities
Research discipline: Ecology
Faculty: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Date: Friday 18 June at 09.00 am
Location: Room Lapis, Building Vita, Linnéuniversitetet Kalmar and via Zoom, more information below
Opponent: Docent Richard Svanbäck, Uppsala University
Chairman: Prof. Jonas Waldenström, Linneaus University
Examining committee:
Docent Pär Byström, Umeå University
Associate professor Lotta-Riina Sundberg, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Prof. Anti Vasemägi, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Supervisor: Prof. Anders Forsman, Linneaus University

The thesis will be made public on Friday May 28 at 09.30-10.30 in showroom, building Vita, Linneaus University Kalmar. 

The thesis defense will be held via Zoom due to Covid-19. In order to receive the Zoom link for the thesis defense, please contact Faculty Administrator Linnea Larsson: linnea.larsson@lnu.se. If you cannot attend the thesis defense via Zoom, please contact Linnea Larsson to be able to join the thesis defense from campus Kalmar.

Room Lapis, Building Vita, Linnéuniversitetet Kalmar and via Zoom Linnéa Larsson Add to your calendar