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Seminar: How can your organization prosper from Data Driven Business Development?

The increasing digitalization of non-digital goods and services has created an important social, organizational, and economic phenomenon during the past decade.

During that time, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have contributed to the productivity and efficiency of service firms opening new markets and promoting new kind of services. One major aspect of ICT that has dramatically impacted business is Business Analytics and related approaches such as Self-Service Analytics (SSA).

There are many examples of how SSA has impacted many aspects of the organizations including the ability of users answering their own questions, decisions and insights backed by data, efficiency allowing businesses to gain a competitive edge, IT & analyst teams focus on more high-level priorities.

The principal challenge in SSA is whether the organization is capable to reap the benefits of such approach to data analytics or there exists some risk that might prevent its success.

During the seminar you will meet Arianit Kurti and Imad Bani Hani and you will learn more about SSA, how your organization can engaged with researchers and much more.

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The seminar will be held in English.


The event is organized by Linnaeus University in collaboration with Digitri and the project Innovationslänken (funded by Tillväxtverket and Region Kronoberg).

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