Seminar with Natalie Milbrodt, Director of the Queens Memory Project

Talk Summary
Join Natalie Milbrodt, Director of the Queens Memory Project, a community archiving program celebrating a decade of collecting oral histories and hosting public events and exhibitions on local history topics in the borough of Queens in New York City.

Milbrodt will discuss the program’s origins and development through a variety of partnerships. She will also delve into how a sprawling team of staff, students and volunteers across Queens engage community in the work of historical research and documentation with the aim of complicating the historical record with a diversity of lived experience that, together, tell a fuller story of life in New York City.

Short Bio
Natalie Milbrodt leads the Queens Public Library’s Metadata Services Division, responsible for the library’s oral history and community archiving program, digitization, and cataloging. She serves on the Oral History Association’s Metadata Task Force and as an advisory board member for Global Grand Central, Urban Archive, the New York State Archives and Wikitongues.


Digital Humanities