"Trust Me!" Truthfulness and Truth Claims across Media

What role does media and communication play in our perception of truth? How is truthful mediation constructed? These issues and much more will be discussed during the conference "Trust Me!" at Linnaeus University on March 9-12, 2021.

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This conference addresses issues of truth claims and truthfulness in media in times of “post-truth”, “fake news”, and “alternative facts”. What is the role of media and communication in our perception of truth? How is truthful mediation constructed, and how might intermedial and multimodal concepts and methodological approaches be used to analyse it?

Exploring these questions will help understand current social challenges, the spreading of disinformation as well as the communication of complex subjects like climate change and global migration and contribute to developing digital literacy.

We invite scholars from the fields of media and communication, education, digital humanities, history, film, visual art, literary studies, comics studies, memory studies, musicology, sound studies, linguistics, social and political studies, and museum and archive studies as well as practitioners from news media, arts and literature; archives, libraries and museums; public history, education and teacher training, and the legal profession.


The deadline for the submission of proposals for papers, panels and workshops will be 15 September, 2020. Submission will open 1 May, 2020. Read more about call for papers below.


If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Beate Schirrmacher or Dagmar Brunow by email:

Abstracts to download

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