Företagsmässa på karriärdag teknik

Career Day Technology 15 November

Career Day Technology is a day for businesses, organisations, and students in the fields of construction, computing/IT, and technology to network and establish useful contacts for the future.

This year we plan to stream from 9.45 am-noon, including the Welf Löwe lecture (about degree project starting 10.55 in room IKEA) at https://www.youtube.com/CSLNU

Speed dating with businesses

Sign up for individual meetings! Some of the businesses participating in the day offer speed dating.  

As a student, you sign up on the lists from 9 am,  by the speed dating signs in the K building and at the M building – first come, first served.

Between 10.00 and 10.25 am you can get some useful pointers from our career counsellor Fanny Elheim on how to make the most of your speed dating

The speed dating takes place between 1 and 3pm.

Why is this day important?

At Linnaeus University and the Faculty of Technology, we actively help our students build a network of potential future employers right from the start, while they are still at university. Networking is important not only to pave the way for their future professional life, but also as part of their university studies, to facilitate case studies, placements, and degree projects.

Tech and construction students are generally curious about their future career prospects, and we are positive that both students and businesses will benefit from an increased awareness among students of what their various career options actually involve.

Do not miss this opportunity – sign up for Career Day Technology and Construction Day! And please do not hesitate to contact Jan Novak or Helena Belfrage, or send an email to samverkan.ftk@lnu.se, with any questions you may have.

Career Day Technology and Construction Day are part of Digital Week. Read more about Digital Week and Digitri. 






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