IMS seminar - aurora
IMS seminar

Guest: Maddalena Carfora, Playing Wonderland Crossmedia Escape Room

Welcome to the weekly IMS seminar!

This week we are visited by Maddalena Carfora who will give a presentation of her Wonderland Crossmedia Escape Room.

Description of the seminar

The Wonderland Crossmedia Escape Room is a game where participants find their way through a media maze in a race against the clock.

Based on the story of Alice in Wonderland as a transmedial storyworld that expands and develops with each retelling, Maddalena Carfora has designed the game as part of her PhD project. In her talk, she discusses how the game relates to reading and teaching literature in a mediatized society. The audience will have the chance to test the game.

Maddalena Carfora is a PhD student at the University of Naples "L'Orientale", Department of Literary, Linguistics and Comparative Studies. Her research interests regard the process of interaction between narrative experimentation and intermediality, multimodal literature, videogames and digital culture, as well as metamodernism, posthumanism and ecocriticism. Her work has appeared onRILUNE - Revue des littératures européennes and Poli-Femo - Nuova Serie di Lingua e Letteratura.

It is possible to attend the seminar both from Dacke in Växjö and via zoom (game trial only on site). Contact us at if you want to participate via zoom, or sign up for our external email list to receive automatic updates on our events (zoom link and additional information are sent out one week in advance).


Photo: 'Aurora - Connecting Senses’, Cristina Pop-Tiron & Signe Kjær Jensen

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