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Open Hours

Kodkollektivet Open Hours

Welcome to Kodkollektivets open hours! Every tuesday we get together and hang out in the Videum science lab.

Maybe you need help with a project you are working on? Maybe you are stuck in some programming assignment? Or maybe you just want to hang out with like minded geeks? Then kodkollektivets open hours is the place for you!

P.s we got fika.

OBS: extra Open House on Tuesday 15/11, 14.30-19.00

We will be doing a mini weather station project that day with IoT, 3d printing and programming using a project called Home Assistant as the base.

Practical information

If you need more information welcome to Kodkollektivets Discord: https://discord.gg/aHZSHaNKMG

At 17.00 the doors get locked to Växjö Linnaeus Science Park. Join the discord and enter the ”Magic Door Intercom” – channel and we will come and open the door for you!  

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Kodkollektivet Open hours are organised in collaboration with Växjö Linnæus Science Park.
- Växjö Linnaeus Science Park, Framtisdsvägen 14, 352 22 Växjö Kodkollektivet Add to your calendar