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Community nursing towards sustainable health

The 7th ICCHNR-conference, hosted by Linnaeus University, Sweden, will be arranged virtually online on June 21-22, 2022.

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At Linnaeus University we are very proud to be hosting the upcoming 2022 ICCHNR-conference. A conference that will be hosted virtually online.

We aim to turn this conference into an opportunity for researchers from both near and far to attend and to present their most recent research findings in the field of "Community nursing towards sustainable health". We hope to attract specialists from various disciplines of community nursing, professional, education, research and management to the conference.

All necessary information concerning the conference programme and sessions etc willl be available at this very webpage.

International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing (ICCHNR)

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Book of abstract

Read the "Book of abstract" for the conference Community nursing towards sustainable health.

The conference “Community nursing towards sustainable health” is a sustainability-assured meeting in accordance with Linnaeus University’s guidelines for sustainable events. These guidelines are linked to the 17 global goals in Agenda 2030. Learn more about Linnaeus University’s sustainable events here.

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