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Linnéuniversitetet Live: We live in a planetary state of emergency

This is becoming increasingly clear in all aspects of life. But what do we really mean when we use the concepts “climate” and “emergency”, and what happens when they are combined into “climate emergency”? What does it mean for us to have an ethical, cultural, political and knowledge-based orientation concerning the immense complexity of the climate? And in particular concerning the concept “emergency”? How can we create room for action in relation to time perspectives and scales that are difficult to comprehend?

Centre for Climate Emergency Studies is a transdisciplinary platform for research, education and action relating to the climate emergency. Within the activities at the centre, critical theory, scientific and, not least, artistic perspectives and methods meet. The focus of the centre is experimenting, creativity, criticality, and climate-emergency-related action.

There will be special focus on the climate emergency studies course that will start this autumn. A major part of the course will consist of collaboration projects for which we are now looking for partners.

Ola Ståhl, Jørgen Bruhn, Pernilla Svensson and Åsa Nilsson Skåve, Centre for Climate Emergency Studies.

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