Seminar on Film and Music

The Centre for Popular Culture Studies (PoCuS) cordially invites all colleagues to a seminar on film and music.

Music have always been an important part of film and television. Original scores, pop songs, and the use of music to tell stories and thematize characters have often been combined with political use of music throughout history. In this seminar three prominent scholars present their innovative work on music in film and television, from Children’s films, over the grand old man of soundtracks, John Williams, to the use of politicised music and images in music videos on MTV in the 1980s.

  • Signe Kjaer Jensen, Department of Film and Literature
    Musicalized Characters: Hearing the Music in Frozen, Up and Shrek the Third through the Ears of Children
  • Emilio Audissino, Department of Media and Journalism
    Why Is John Williams Important? A Reminder on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday
  • Linus Johansson, Department of Music and Art
    Dangerous Sex and Moral Panic: Desire, Taboo, and Death on MTV, 1981–1992

Arrangör: Centrum för populärkulturstudier/Centre for Popular Culture Studies
Thursday, November 17 november 2022, kl. 13.15-16, sal N1017 (Campus Växjö).

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