Tecknade människor på gul botten

Digitalidag at Linnaeus University!

This year's Digitalidag takes place on Friday, October 13, 2023. The whole country vibrates with activities on this day and Linnaeus University is of course contributing!

Warm welcome to Digitalidag at Linnaeus University! We will have activities on campus in Växjö at Universitetkajen in Kalmar and at at Araby Park Arena in Växjö. Various activities address a range of target groups; students, the general public, other researchers, the elderly and children.

Most activities will be in Swedish but you will find some held in English. Please have a look at the Swedish website for full program and more information.

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Together we can inspire all people to want, and to be able to be, part of the digital development!

Linnéuniversitetet Kalmar & Växjö, Araby Park Arena and digitally Add to your calendar