Reading-group spring 2023: Racism and education

The Center for Cultural Sociology (CCS) engages in questions around the diverse living conditions for children and young people, inclusion and exclusions, and how such processes affect children's and young people's opportunities in the educational system and society at large. The center organizes a reading group to deepen the understanding of these issues in our research and educational practices. We invite everyone who works with training future teachers or has an interest in the above questions or in education in general at Linnaeus University. In the spring, our theme is racism and education, and we will deal with schools, pre-schools, as well as higher education.

The seminars can be thought of as an opportunity to access new research but also to discuss and exchange experiences with colleagues. We will address questions such as the relevance of our research / educational practices, the relevance of the world of schooling or education, useful perspectives and consequences from the article, and where do we go from here.

On the 20th of March, we will discuss Rebecca Sellberg's article on trigger warnings, ethics, and boundaries in teaching. The article is available in open access through the university library and the journal's webpage.

Sellberg, R. 2021. "Trigger warnings – om undervisning och politisk gränshållning i 2020-talets sociala landskap". Högre Utbildning 11 (2).

The seminar is held via zoom between 15.00 - 16.30. The seminar is held in Swedish. Please contact for the link and more information.

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