Vésteinn Hafsteinsson and Åsa Jungnelius

Linnaeus University Live: Åsa Jungnelius and Vésteinn Hafsteinsson in an interesting conversation about art, sports and democracy

During the same week as the Academic Ceremony, other exciting activities take place, all open to those who wish to participate.

We have invited our two newly appointed honorary doctors to an exciting conversation about art, sports and democracy.

Warm welcome OmniSpace in house Stella at Universitetskajen in Kalmar on Thursday, February 2.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Linnaeus University has appointed the artist Åsa Jungnelius an honorary doctor. Her artistry is multifaceted, with glass as the primary material and with expressions associated with femininity, taboos, desire and allure.

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Linnaeus University has appointed the discus thrower and athletics coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson an honorary doctorate. Originally from Iceland, Hafsteinsson has participated in no less than five world championships and four Olympic Games.

With two completely different backgrounds and with a focus on democracy, our new honorary doctors meet in an exciting conversation.

Moderator: Håkan Sandström

The is a joint event between the Cultural University and Linnaeus University Live.

Linnaeus University Live is a meeting place between the university and the surrounding community. The aim is to make education, research, projects and activities at the university visible by setting knowledge into motion for a sustainable societal development.

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