IMS seminar - Aurora
IMS Seminar

New IMS MIDWorld-PhD students - Presentation

Welcome to the weekly IMS seminar!

During this IMS seminar, our four new graduate students (Anna Ishchenko, Emma Flodqvist, Yagmur Atlar and Felicia Stenberg), within the newly started MIDWorld graduate school, will briefly present their ideas and projects, and our new PhD students will hear from IMS members and affiliates of their areas of intermedial/multimodal focus.

MIDWorld is an interdisciplinary collaboration between on the one hand the Centre for Research in the Humanities and the research team in Multimodal Communication at Örebro University and, IMS on the other hand. MIDWorld is funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and runs for four years.

MIDWorld consists of nine doctoral students that have been accepted into the graduate school, out of a total over 120 applicants. Out of these nine, five are enrolled at Örebro university (in the subjects of Swedish Language, Rhetoric, and Comparative Literature), and four are at Linnaeus University (in English Literature).

The aim of MIDWorld is: Digitalization has revolutionized our ways of learning, working, and socializing, and offers highly functional possibilities to create and share knowledge across communities. Individuals have direct access to more knowledge than ever before, yet society struggles with fast-spreading disinformation and isolating filter bubbles. A fundamental aspect of digitalization is the convergence of systems of information and communication into multimodal media spaces, which combine, for instance, language, image, color, music, and motion, and form intermedial relationships in the way they are constantly redesigned and redistributed across platforms and contexts. This mix of modes and media calls for new methods and approaches. The interdisciplinary graduate school MIDWorld provides emerging researchers in the Humanities with theories and methods for critically analyzing the mix of modes and media in our digital world. Read more on the MIDWorld website:

It is possible to attend the seminar both from Dacke in Växjö and via zoom. Contact us at if you want to participate via zoom, or sign up for our external email list to receive automatic updates on our events (zoom link and additional information are sent out one week in advance).


Photo: 'Aurora - Connecting Senses’, Cristina Pop-Tiron & Signe Kjær Jensen

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