Från 2022
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Career Day Technology

Career Day Technology is a day for businesses, organisations, and students in the fields of construction, computing/IT, and technology to network and establish useful contacts for the future.

There will be an exhibition with companies and organisations, some lectures on todays theme "Career", opportunities for speed dating, and a pitching competition where students will evaulate the best employer on stage. The schedule is being planned to be relevant for all the different student groups mentioned, with a combination of time for attending lectures, activities, as well as time to talk to the participating companies and organisations.

The exhibition will be open from 10 am to 3 pm.

Do You need a bus ride?

If You live in Kalmar You can book Your trip to Växjö (and back again) via the following link:

  • Departure from Kalmar (at the Tourist Office): 8.30 am 
  • Departure from Växjö (Campus): 3.15 pm


We recommended the following activities for all English speaking students. Be sure to take the opportunity to speak to the companies in the exhibition - they are all prepared to speak to You, and many of them are very interested in collaborations, no matter the language.

10.00 The fair starts! Take the opportunity to book speed dating. A great opportunity for those who are going to have an internship, degree project or job. Don't forget to take a color marker (show what you are studying) also entitle you to a lunch wrap.

09.45-10.05 How to approach the companies and get my career started? Career Counsellor Fanny Elheim -  Södrasalen, House M

10.55-11.55 In cooperation with a company. How to get the most out of degree projects, course assignments. - IKEA-salen, House N

12.00 Lunch sandwich

13.00-15.00 Speed dating – Book your appointment! No later than 11 a.m. on 13 Nov.

14.05-14.25 Volvo CE Braås – transformation of our internal logistics for the future – Anton Trollmåne, produktionsingenjör – Södrasalen, Hus M

15.00 The fair closes

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