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The 27th McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference on Resilience of International Entrepreneurship in times of turbulence

Save the date for the next McGill International Entrepreneurship conference!

It will take place at August 15-17, 2024, at the LUT University  in Lappeenranta, Finland.  The conference theme is “International entrepreneurship in a world driven by megatrends of digitalization and sustainability”.

Fellow ie-Scholars, Sami Saarenketo, Olli Kuivalainen and Maria Uzhegova will chair the conference.

More information can be found here.

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Linnaeus University (LNU) School of Business & Economics look forward welcoming participants to småland (the small countries) in southeastern Sweden. Linnaeus university is a modern, international university carrying a legacy - the spirit of “smålandsk” entrepreneurship exemplified by Carl von Linné (1707 – 1778) an academic entrepreneur within biology who invented the binomial nomenclature or Ingvar Kamprad (1926-2018) a local business entrepreneur who founded IKEA – a very early International Entrepreneur, hence it is only natural for an entrepreneurial university (LNU) to host a conference like the McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference (MIE).

International entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial international smaller firms have dominated the growth of the global economy under the labels of International New Ventures, Born Global, International Start-ups or Rapidly Internationalizing Enterprises that compete internationally from inception or soon thereafter. They deploy innovative and competitive strategies to achieve growth at global markets; through interactions with global factories, they influence the dynamics of competition, even in times of de-globalization. During global crises like COVID they have swiftly adapted new forms of entrepreneurial internationalization, turning them into Digitized Born Globals or International Digi-preneurs. The McGill international Entrepreneurship (MIE) conference series has traditionally examined the frontier issues related to entrepreneurial internationalization and internationalization of the small and medium sized enterprise (iSMEs).

Following the tradition established by the previous conferences since 1998, this conference aims to bring together leading-edge views of academic scholars, insightful practitioners, and policy makers with interests in the fields of international entrepreneurship, internationalization, and growth of SMEs to examine the resilience and consequent changes, and the dominant pattern(s) of emerging developments in international entrepreneurship. In previous plenary sessions, prominent scholars, including Hamid Etemad, Tamer Cavusgil, Nicole Coviello Marian Jones, Gary Knight, Tage Koed Madsen, Patricia McDougall, Rod McNaughton, Nina Nummela, Benjamin Oviatt, Olli Kuivalainen, Per Servais, and Antonella Zucchella, among many others, presented provocative ideas in moving research frontiers forward. The 2023 conference is organized by Linnaeus University, School of Business & Economics and the knowledge platform “GlobalMind”.

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Sustainable event

The 27th Mcgill International Enrepreneurship Conference on Resilience of international Entrepreneurship in times of turbulence is a sustainability-assured meeting in accordance with Linnaeus University’s guidelines for sustainable events. These guidelines are linked to the 17 global goals in Agenda 2030 and comprise the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, the social, and the environmental. 

Learn more about Linnaeus University´s sustainable events here.

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