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AI for Theme Extraction from Texts - Workshop with BERTopic

Artificial intelligence has the potential to ease parts of the academic grunt work. One such task is reading and thematically organizing text.

LiLa and the NLU-funded initiative Human-Machine-Society, in collaboration with KB-lab, organize a workshop on May 3rd about BERTopic, a tool for identifying themes in text using AI. The workshop is organized within the framework of Linnaeus University's commitment to HUMINFRA.

The workshop is divided into two parts:

From 10 to 12, a workshop in English will be held remotely from KB where the tool is presented through a step-by-step exercise. For those who want to gather in a group to follow the workshop, the Babel room in Växjö UB (UB3010) is booked. Otherwise, here is the link If you are interested in getting a head start, the workshop is online at

From 13 to 15, we have a local follow-up of the morning's workshop within the framework of the Experiment Workshop, in UB3009, Växjö. Here we explore whether, and if so, how, we can use BERTopic on our own material.

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